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St Patrick's Primary School & Nursery, Castlederg, County Tyrone

P6 News September 2014

12th Nov 2014

Primary 6 News

So far in P6 the work has been more of a challenge for us.

Accelerated Reading  In P6 we are reading accelerated reading books at our own level and testing on them.  We went to the Library to get AR books and non-fiction Viking books.  There are prizes this year for accelerated reading and we are all more excited.

Library  Every four weeks we go to the town library. We can also pick accelerated reading books. We love reading.

Jobs  Now that we are in P6 we can do lots of jobs like dinner duty, role, Mr McGurk helpers, P1 benches and help Vera. All these jobs are extremely enjoyable.

Class novel-for our class novel we are reading Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.

Swimming-In school we go swimming on Tuesdays in Strabane Leisure C entre. There are three different sections, the little pool, and the shallow end and the deep end of the big pool. We are all doing very well with swimming.

The School Council  The school councils are going to have a meeting to see if they should add more clubs like athletic club or basketball club and maybe they might even add accessories to the playground for P5 and over. They have been asking boys and girls in the classes for any ideas.

Vikings  In school we are learning about Vikings.  Viking Gods, Longships, The Berserkers, home life and clothing.  We drew and painted Viking shields. We have lots of interesting books about Vikings. One night for homework we researched them and produced Microsoft word and Powerpoint presentation.  They were displayed on the wall. We also have a model of a Viking long ship.

Art  In school so far, we have drew and painted Viking shields. We also have completed name art where we got a square piece of paper, drew a snowflake and wrote our names four times and did four spider webs.

Gardening  We do lots of gardening with our gardener Dave. We got to grow our own carrots and herbs and we harvested them. They were very nice to eat. We love gardening it is very relaxing.

Science  In P6 we are going to do some science experiments, we asked Mrs Duffy if we could put mentos in coke and we are going to put vinegar on an egg and see if it bounces.

Prayers  In school we are saying the Rosary and learning a prayer called Hail Holy Queen and we wrote it out in our best handwriting.  We are also learning the Memorare- we have almost got it!